Each Morning I Drink a Cold-Pressed Juice

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Total Anna Move

There’s a pretty (read: 100%) likely chance that if you are reading this, you know me. I hope that with some progress that stat will drop to 40%, but I would also settle for a realistic 95%.

In the event that you do not actually know me personally and are not a friend or family member reading this out of forced obligation/pity, allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Anna Jean Selsvik. I live in a third story walk-up in a very trendy part of NYC. I exclusively wear oversized sweaters and my hair up in perfect ballerina buns. I only shop at my corner bodega and local health food store. Each morning I drink a cold-pressed juice, a handful of berries, and three egg whites. I eat this perfectly balanced breakfast while checking my emails (all very important) and writing poetry wistfully as I listen to “Indie Coffee…

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