7 Essential Oils I Love

I started using Young Living Essential Oils when my mom introduced them to me a few years ago. For my birthday, she gave me a 5 ml bottle of Valor essential oil that really made me a believer. They’ve helped alleviate stress, boost my confidence, get rid of headaches, and help me sleep like a baby (only to name a few)! I like that essential oils are natural remedies that can support my God-given body in a way that won’t be harmful to it. So, I want to share a little bit about how I use them and why I love them. Maybe you’ll want to try them yourself!

Most of the time you’ll find me diffusing an oil or a mixture of oils. I usually apply them topically just to combat pain or if I’m using them on-the-go for stress relief. Diffusing is a great way to distribute the scent around a room or couple of rooms and get maximum benefit aromatically. I have a diffuser that came directly from Young Living, but you can also buy them from Amazon.

I love the light it gives off on top.

1. Valor/Valor II


As I mentioned before, Valor was the very first oil I began to love. This one is a blend of oils that I use to combat anxiety and/or depression. When I first got it, I would wear it on my wrists every single day, and I started to see an improvement in my energy levels and a lessening in my anxiety. I eventually ran out, and used a sample bottle my mom filled up for me until I could get another one. I was finally able to purchase Valor II (Valor was out of stock for several months because of the demand!). While original Valor is still my favorite, Valor II works very similarly to keep me energized and confident.

2. Cedarwood


Cedarwood was the second “real oil” I had that wasn’t in a sample bottle or something I borrowed from my mom. It’s exactly what the name says: oil from the wood of a cedar. I was told I should get it to help with anxiety-related symptoms, and that it would help me have more clarity and peace of mind. So, of course, I got it. I diffused it every night to help me wind down and sleep without my mind running in circles. I was amazed by how well it worked! It got to the point that I couldn’t sleep without it (until I found some other substitutes when I ran out). Plus, it’s got a great nature scent that’s not so strong that it’s overwhelming.

3. Purification


Purification is a great blend of oils that I mostly use to get rid of bad smells. You know when you spray some kind of air freshener but eventually it wears off and you have to spray it again because it only covered up the smell? Purification doesn’t do that. Unless you add another, really bad smell to the room, you most likely won’t have to apply it again for a long time. What I do is put a two or three drops on a cotton ball and place it where I think it needs to go. Not very much longer, and the smell is gone! I’ve used it in stinky shoes, trash cans, and that awful mildew smell laundry gets when you leave it in the wash for too long. It’s also great to diffuse when someone in the house is sick – it helps to purify the air.

4. Lavender


Lavender is absolutely wonderful for several reasons. I apply it topically for bug bites (to help that awful itching), rashes, skin redness, and acne. I diffuse for a calming effect, usually to help me sleep. It works wonders. When I don’t diffuse it at night, I can tell the next morning that I haven’t slept as well as usual. I’ve been using this one to help me sleep for over a year now, and I strongly recommend it if you have sleep issues.

5. Panaway


Panaway is a blend that smells very minty. It’s another great one I like to use, but I don’t diffuse it. I like to apply this one for minor cramps or other muscular pains. It’s good for joint pain and headaches, as well.

6. EndoFlex 


This is another blend I discovered when I started seeking oils to help with anxiety. I found out that I had some thyroid troubles and this was one of the suggested oils. I love to apply it during “that time of the month” as a hormone balancer, directly on my thyroid and adrenal glands (found across your lower back) for even more thyroid and hormone support. I often diffuse it at night with either Cedarwood or Lavender (or both!) to help me get a good night’s rest. I don’t often apply this one before I go somewhere because it does have a strong scent. But it’s a huge help!

7. Clove


This is an oil I’ve been loving for the fall! My favorite thing to do is diffuse it with Cedarwood and a citrus oil to give off a great fall scent (that’s what’s in my diffuser right now). I’ve also enjoyed cooking with it – a drop or two in the dish you’re making is just right. It’s also a great immune system booster, and supports overall wellness, according to Young Living. My husband even likes this one! I’ve just recently begun to use it, but I definitely think it was worth getting.

I often mix a combination of two or three of these 7 oils in the diffuser together to get the maximum benefit from all of them at one time – not to mention, it smells wonderful.

As a disclaimer, I don’t claim any of these oils as cures for disorders or diseases, I simply use them as extra support for my body’s well-being. Not all of the oils work the same for everyone, so you’d have to try them for yourself to see what works best for your body or your family.

I have several more oils I might talk about later, but I’m loving these 7 oils right now! If you have questions, I’d love to try to answer them how I can! Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites?

What do you think?

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