Pinteresting Explanations

Sometimes I have a lack of writing inspiration. Sometimes I have to search for things to blog about, and I use prompts. Sometimes I decide to write about my Pinterest boards.

One of those times would be today.

Pinterest has become one of my absolute favorite websites and apps. When I first signed up for Pinterest, I was a freshman in college, and I saw a girl in front of me in class pinning. At that point, I had no clue what Pinterest was but the format looked crisp and clean, and it looked like a fun way to spend my time (or waste my time if I’m not careful). This was back in the days of being sent an invite to sign up for Pinterest. I can’t remember who even invited me, but somehow I made it, and here we are. I love using it for recipes, organization tips, book lists, gift ideas, and so much more. It’s a very helpful tool if it’s used correctly.

If you’ve seen my Pinterest, you’ll notice that all of my public boards are lowercase, alphabetized, and very specific. I do have a reason for this: I like continuity. There are a couple of scattered shared boards with perfectly capitalized, creative names that I can’t do much about (this drives me crazy). I still like to put them in alphabetical order with the rest of my boards, but they just have to stay as they are – I don’t want to go changing up other people’s creativity.

I couldn’t tell you much about why the titles are lowercase except for that I think they look nice and it makes them flow nicely when you look at them together. Sometimes, when titles are written as sentences or “captions” with upper and lowercase letters, I feel like my eyes are constantly having to shift to get used to the changes (probably just a quirk about me). I used to try to make all of my boards special with cute names and sometimes exclamation points, but I’ve since changed my ways. I realized that I couldn’t remember what I put in each board without going back and looking at them. So, one day I just sat down and edited the whole page. There were big changes, people. This was honestly a very therapeutic process for me (you should try it sometime!), and it was satisfying to have organized boards that I could actually use for  real-life things other than “funny” and “cute animals” (even though I still have these type of boards). I think that was the purpose of Pinterest to begin with.

Alphabetization is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It helps with the visual aspect, and I can find my boards so easily! Since I now use Pinterest for tips, recipes, etc., it’s been nice to be able to just scroll and click to find a pin. This also helps me remember where my pins are. Because my boards are named with quotes or quirky titles anymore, I can more easily alphabetize them and visualize where I would have pinned certain pins without having to search endlessly. If your boards are named with cute titles, and that works for you, I’m glad! I just can’t do that myself.

Specificity: that’s a major player in my Pinterest game. Not only to I alphabetize the boards, I name them specifically, and I try to keep the titles down to one or two words. It’s a huge help when it comes to figuring out where to put my pins. I used to have to scroll back and forth and try to decided just what to pin under because it could honestly fit under two or three headings! That just stopped working for me. I decided I wanted to quit using it for fun (after I discovered the useful side of Pinterest), so I needed a better system. I may have 40 public boards, but I least I know where everything goes, right? So let’s get down to it. What about the actual boards? I’m going to go through them in alphabetical order (you know me) because that’s going to take much less time off of all of our hands, and I’ll only list boards I’ve made myself.

Oh, and I use the ampersand (&) to look fancy. 🙂


Here you’ll find accessories, animals, articles & printouts, bathrooms, bedrooms, bible study, blogging, books, babies, desserts, desserts – paleo, diy, dressings and dips – paleo, drinks, and drinks – paleo.

Animals: Animals are adorable and cuddly, and I love them. It’s mostly a board filled with puppies, but there are other animals thrown in there, too. It’s embarrassing, but I don’t care. 🙂

Articles & Printouts: This board consists of helpful or inspiring articles and printouts I either have used or think would be helpful to use in my everyday life.

Bathrooms: One of my very specific room boards. It’s an inspiration board for having a cozy, clean bathroom.

Bedrooms: See above explanation, but add “bedroom” instead.

Bible study: This one is filled with refreshing new ways to study my Bible and information graphics about the content in the Bible. It’s very helpful, and I’ve used several of the methods pinned.

Blogging: I started this recently when I decided to grow my blog. It’s got lots of handy tips.

Books: I pin either books I love or want to read here. I used to have “and movies” at the end, but I decided I didn’t need a board for movies.

Babies: Baby fever. Oops. 🙂

I’ll explain the food boards all together for you.

Most of the time I try to stick closely to the Paleo diet. I do this because of a decision I made, with a doctor’s advice, to help lessen my anxiety and other stress related symptoms (you’ll probably read a lot about this).

Now, I don’t claim to stick to this 24/7 because I have my weak points, which is why I’ve kept the regular food and drink boards. I also know that if I want to make something for someone else (like my husband) who doesn’t like the taste of most Paleo dishes, then I can look in my other boards. Those boards were already made before I went Paleo, so why delete them? I spend a lot of time organizing those things.


Right now I don’t have any “E” boards, so we’ll start at “F.” There is favorites, furniture & decorations, funny, gift ideas, grumpy cat for life, hair & nails, and holidays.

Favorites: this is a board filled with pictures of my favorite actors, actresses, and musicians. I tried to come up with another name for it, but this was the simplest name I could come up with that I would understand. I don’t use this board much anymore unless I just see an inspiring picture of one of them.

Furniture & decorations: I don’t have this one listed for specific rooms because I just wanted it to be an inspirational catch-all for decor. Instead of just naming it “decor,” I tacked on “furniture” to make sure I knew that’s where I put furniture (unless it’s an idea I plan to use or play off of for a specific room).

Funny: Pins I find funny live here. I thought about deleting this once, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Sometimes I use this board to send funny things to my friends (or on my tweets 🙂 )

Gift ideas: I like to put ideas here for any time of the year, be it birthdays, Christmas, something to take a sick friend, or just a for-fun gift. I have mostly jar gifts pinned here. Jar gifts are made up of items all within the same theme arranged in a jar (usually with a bow tied around the top). They’re usually practical, but fun.

Grumpy cat for life: This one is embarrassing, and who knows why I still have it?? I went through a Grumpy Cat phase when I thought everything Grumpy Cat was hilarious, and I wanted to send pictures to all of my friends. Naturally, I saved it here. It may be gone by the time you read this, and it may not. We’ll find out!

Hair & nails: When I made this I felt like hair and nails went better together than hair and makeup. I guess because they both grow, and I wanted makeup to have a board all to itself. I used to use this one a lot (mainly for hair because I don’t do my nails very often), so it has mostly cute hairstyles that I’d like to try.

Holidays: I’ll be honest, this is mostly Christmas! But it’s also got other holidays mixed in. This board is a mixture of decorations I like and pretty pictures.


You’ll see anything here from kitchens, to food, to makeup.

Kitchen: Self explanatory – this is my kitchen board. It’s a mixture of both expensive-looking dream kitchens and practical ones. I mostly use it now as an inspiration board for the kitchen in my future house.

Let’s go: This is a travel board. I got creative this time and didn’t just name it “travel.” 😉 It’s filled with pictures of places I would love to go – whether they’re realistic travel places for me or not. Sometimes I just click the “travel” choice on Pinterest and pin my little heart out.


Makeup: I used this one a lot at the beginning of college when I was still experimenting with makeup a lot and trying to hone in on my makeup style. Every once in a while I’ll pin a makeup tip I’d like to try for a special occasion or if I’m feeling it, but for the most part this board has been pushed to the side.

Meals & snacks/meals & snacks – paleo: Most of my food gets put here (especially the paleo board). I can always find recipes quickly.

Miscellaneous: Sometimes I just don’t know where to pin something I find! Since I made this, I’ve refined things a bit, so I may go back and move pins around, but for now it’s one of those “random” boards that’s not called “random.”

I have quite a few “O” boards. I didn’t know I used so many words that start with the letter “O,” but I guess I do. There also quite a range of pins here.

Oils: I use essential oils. The oily life can get confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing, so any time I see a helpful chart or graphic, I pin it here for later use. I’ve used it a lot more that past few weeks with cold and flu season coming up, and as a way to introduce myself to new oil combinations.

Office space: OK, I know I live in an apartment, but I can dream, right? I only made this board a few days ago to pin office inspirations. It consists mostly of dream offices that are completely organized (and mostly white – it just looks so clean!).

Organization: I love to organize, and I love to be organized. That’s all I have to say about that.

Outdoors: This board is for those random times I get an outdoorsy vibe, and want to spend time outside. I haven’t pinned to it in a while. I’m not really an outdoorsy person, but I try.

The plains: Auburn, Alabama = the Plains. I made this board (I think) my freshman year of college. It used to be called “I Believe in Auburn and Love It.” But now it just sits there. I hate to delete some of those pretty pictures of my favorite town.


I’ll go ahead and explain the rest of the alphabet here because there are only four more boards. Aren’t you relieved?!

Stationery: This is another one I made recently. I love notebooks and pretty paper and writing cards. I thought I might pin some of my favorite, dream stationery here, so that I might remember to either put it on my wishlist or buy it myself.

Style: Basically my “dream closet” board. I try to emulate some of these styles or buy the articles of clothing I pin – if I can. It’s the way I’d like to dress.

Words: This is my quotes board. It’s mostly religious quotes or Bible verses. I like this board because it serves as an encouragement to me, and I hope that when my pins show up on someone else’s feed, it will encourage them too.

Yoga: Ah, yoga. 🙂 I love yoga; it’s relaxing and strengthening at the same time. I used to make more time for it, hence the reason this board began. I pinned poses I wanted to try – or could already do – and saved them for later. Most of the time I really used this board! But lately, it’s been forgotten (still pinned on, nevertheless forgotten).


You’ve reached the end of my Pinterest! Thanks for hanging in there with my terribly specific, detailed boards. You’re a champ.






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