To Everything There is a Season

The start of a new season seems to signal new beginnings. It’s officially been fall for several weeks, but here the weather is just beginning to cool down. Fall has quickly become my favorite season, probably because the world starts to quiet down and our homes turn cozy; there’s a break from the noise and goings-on of summer. The trees give one last brilliant encore before they take a bow for winter. That both excites me and calms my spirit. However, I’ve been particularly reflective this autumn of what my enjoyment of change in seasons teaches me.

I don’t thrive in change, but I tend to become bored with the mundane. More effectively put, I like change when I want it. I crave mundane when I’m overwhelmed, although these things rarely happen within the timing that I’d prefer. I expect many people can relate.

In anticipation of decking my halls with pumpkins and fall mums this year, I found myself impatient, embarrasingly anxious. Dramatically, I toiled over when the weather would change in my climate. Will we even have fall weather? Will it be cool enough for sweaters? I am so tired of my summer wardrobe. What about Christmas? Will the weather even feel like Christmas by then? I’m telling you, it was a trainwreck of a thought process. But, one of the days that I found myself spiraling, I stopped mid-thought. In anticpation of quiet, my mind got louder. In the impatience of when will this go my way I was implying I should be in control. This is much like my daily life.

In the spirit of transparency, I’ve been working on living in the present, with some success here and there. But that day, stopping my thoughts (and making a conscious to decision to drop the drama over the 15-day forecast) caused some of the most success I’ve had in contentment. This has been a spiritual season of chipping away at my well-trained heart, peeling back the layers, and trying to let God mold the rest into a shape that will please Him.

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God; to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28

God’s created seasons are enjoyable, and it’s fun to be festive. But I’ve realized that mostly, they can teach contentment in the blessings that He’s given us and adjustment to the reality of change. Things are not going to go my way most of the time, especially not changes in the weather. God is the One who holds this world in His hands, therefore He’s the One who holds me in His hands, a very comforting thought. No matter the conditions of this world, I’m going to be content.

Our weather is finally crisp; I’ve stopped obsessing over it.

But I’ve also decided that my trust in God isn’t going to be leveraged by what happens on His earth.

What do you think?

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